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The Kenpo Karate Club

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The Instructor
The head Instructor of the American Kenpo Karate Club is Cecil Jackson. Mr Jackson has been involved in Kenpo (off and on) for over 30 years. Beginning his journey in Kenpo at the Kansas City Westport Branch of  Tom Conner's Traco International chain of "Chinese/American Kenpo" (Tracy/Parker)schools. Mr. Jackson continued his studies under the instruction of D'veed Natan in a blended system of the Traco System and RyuKyu Kenpo. Mr Jackson returned to "Chinese/American" Kenpo under the guidence of Jay T. Will (Tracy/Parker) achieving 2nd Degree Black Belt. Mr Jackson has applied his knowledge of Kenpo to Ed Parker's traditional "24 Technique System" with the guidence of Eric and Kevin Lamkin and is now teaching this system. 

The Club
The American Kenpo Karate Club is located about 70 miles east of Kansas City, Missouri in a rural community of about 4,000.
The purpose of this Club is to provide quality American Kenpo instruction to the rural communities of Carrollton, MO and surrounding areas. We keep our prices within an affordable range suitable for the local economy. Monthly prices range from $15 to $45 per month for a variety of programs, including a "Home Study" program. All money generated by the Club goes toward Club operating expenses, training equipment, and a tournament fund for those students that cannot afford to pay their own way to tournaments. The Instructor (Cecil Jackson) is NOT compensated from this income, but derives his personal income from other sources.
Mr Jackson is not teaching at this time because of medical issues and this school to closed until futher notice. I am sorry for this inconvience!

Contact Cecil Jackson by E-Mail or Snail Mail 

Snail Mail:
Cecil Jackson
3241 The Paseo
Kansas City MO 64109

I am currently recovering from multible operations and hope to be back on my feet and teaching by Summer 2004
Thank you for your patience.
Cecil Jackson

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