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The Attack: left front kick

Other Techniques in the same attack group: Deflecting Hammer, Intellectual Departure, Thrusting Salute, Swinging Pendulum, Hugging Pendulum, Retreating Pendulum, Detour from Doom, Circle of Doom, Rotating Destruction, Deceptive Panther, Defensive Cross, Bowing to Buddha


The Defense:

  1. As you step back with the right foot to 4:30, into a left neutral bow, execute a left downward block to turn him clockwise so his back ends up facing you. Follow immediately with a right ball kick to the groin from the rear.
  2. Plant the right foot to 10:30 in a right front twist, with the toes of your right foot pointing to 1:30. Execute a left knife edge kick to the inside of the right knee. Plant the left foot to 10:30 in a left neutral bow to 10:30.
  3. As soon as your left foot is down, execute a right overhead downward hammer fist to the sternum with a right sandwiching knee to the spine.
  4. Plant your right foot back to 4:30 and pivot clockwise to 4:30 into a right neutral bow to 4:30, as you execute a right outward back-knuckle to the jaw (sliding it up his chest), followed immediately by a left inward heel palm claw to the chin/face.
  5. Hop to 7:00 onto the left foot with a right upward ridge hand to the mastoid to lift him slightly and to fuel a right overhead downward roundhouse kick after he falls back down.


  1. The placement of the right foot in step 2 above is awkward, but it's intended to be so. The purpose of this placement is to teach a follow-up move (i.e., the knife-edge kick to the knee) in the event that we end up with our foot mis-aligned during the execution of a technique. The placement of the foot here actually pulls the hip into a good starting position for a knife-edge kick.

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