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American Kenpo Forms and Sets

Forms and Sets

Short Form Three

These Techniques are found within this form.


           Destructive Twins

           Crashing Wings

           Twirling Wings

           Circling Wings

           Crossing Talon

           Scraping Hoof

           Fatal Cross

           Grip Of Death

           Locked Wing

           Crossed Twigs

           Wings Of Silk

           Conquering Shield

           Striking Serpent's Head

This form exercises the 4:30-10:30 line. The major focus is grabs, the major weapon is elbows, and the major power principle is marriage of gravity. Throughout the Technique Forms, we always do the strong side first.

  1. Destructive Twins - Front two-hand choke
    • Step forward with the right foot to 12:00 into a right neutral bow as you do a left overhead punch (palm down) with a right uppercut punch (palm up) to the groin or stomach. Keep your back erect and head up.
    • Slide your right foot slightly to 1:00 into a right neutral bow as you do a universal block (right arm up) that converts into a left vertical outward block outside of his left arm. (Double Factor Principle). As the outward block completes, drop into a right forward bow as you do a left horizontal finger poke to his eyes and your right hand cocks back to the hip.
    • Pivot to your left and drop into a horse stance facing 10:30 as you do a right straight thrust punch to his left ribcage. Have your left hand grab his arm pulling it diagonally and down to cancel his width and height zones. In the form, this appears to be drawing back to your hip.
  1. Crashing Wings - Rear bear hug with arsm free.
    • With your right foot step to 3:00 into a horse stance, as your arms circle up to strike down and against his arms, with both elbows. As your arms pin his to your sides, have your left foot pull back into a left close cat.
    • Have your left foot go around and behind his feet to 7:30 into a left reverse bow.
    • Pivot into a left forward bow to 7:30 while bringing your left obscure elbow up into his neck and then pivot counterclockwise into a left forward bow as you do a right inward downward hammerfist to his bladder. Your left arm continues to pin his right arm to the side of your body.
  1. Twirling Wings - Rear stiff two-hand grab or choke.
    • Have your right foot v-step through a transitory right close cat stance as your hands pull back to your left hip in cup-and-saucer position, and with the right foot, step to 3:00 in a right forward bow as you do a right vertical outward block to the outside of his arm simultaneously with a left inward horizontal elbow strike to his right ribcage.
  1. Circling Wings - Rear two-hand choke with bent arms
    • Have your left foot slide to 1:30 into a left neutral bow as your right arm cocks across your waist (cup-and-saucer on the left hip).
    • Pivot clockwise to 7:30 as you circle your right elbow over and down onto his right arm. Complete the pivot into a forward bow facing 7:30 as your left hand does a four-finger thrust to his eyes.
    • Pivot in place into a right neutral bow as you deliver a right upward elbow strike to his chin. Your left hand should slide down into a pressing check to his right elbow.
    • Pivot again into a right reverse bow as you do a right hammerfist strike to his groin as your left hand switches to a high check on his shoulder.
  1. Crossing Talon - Front right cross wrist grab. This is the fulcrum version.

        Counter-grab his wrist as you pivot in place into a horse facing 4:30. Step forward with your left foot to 7:30 into a left neutral bow as you do a left inward vertical forearm and your right hand returns to your hip. Continue to pull his arm to your right while you press down with your left forearm. There is a possibility of striking his head against your left knee.

        Deliver a left outward elbow strike to his right jaw or temple.

        While using his shoulder and back as a fulcrum for leverage, follow up with a left heel palm strike and a five finger rip to his face. Keep your left elbow anchored as you do this. Circle your left arm clockwise and strike the upper spine with a left inward overhead elbow as you sink into a wide kneeling stance.

  1. Scraping Hoof - full nelson from behind.

        While in a full nelson and still facing 10:30. thrust both fists to the ground as you bring your right foot over to your left, straighten your knees back and neck into a rear head butt.

        Deliver a right back side kick to his left knee, a right knife-edge kick to his right shin/knee and scrape the shin down into a righ stomp to his right instep.

        As you finish the stomp, reposition yourself into a horse facing 10:30, with your fists down and in fron of your body.

  1. Fatal Cross - front two-hand push

        Step forward with your right foot into a right neutral bow as you execute simultaneous crane hooks over his arms as you pull him slightly forward with a frictional pull. Try to get a knee buckle as you step in.

        Reverse the action of your hands as you do simultaneous uppercuts under his floating ribs.

        Recoil your hand back, and then do scissoring back knuckles to his temples or jaw hinges. The right hand is on top.

        Recoil the hands again, and then do scissoring two finger pokes to his eyes.

  1. Grip Of Death - Right flank headlock.

        With your left foot, step forward to 10:30 into a left close kneel as you tuck your head to your right and in while also delivering simultaneous left hammerfists to his groin with a right hammerfist to his right kidney.

        Circle your right arm over his left shoulder and have your left fingers press under his nose, with your left elbow anchored.

        Pivot to 4:30 into a right forward bow as you thrust a left heel palm strike to his chin, and your left arm slides down his arm to check his left arm at the elbow.

        Have your right arm circle behind your back into hammerlock position.

  1. Locked Wing - Hammerlock

        With your opponent locking your right arm, step back with the left foot to 4:30 (behind yourself) into a right neutral bow facing 10:30, as your right hand counter grabs his right wrist. (Try to place your left leg inside as well as against his right leg). Continuing the flow of your initial move, pivot counterclockwise into a left neutral bow facing 4:30 as you deliver a left outward elbow strike to his jaw. Still within the flow of your initial move, claw the face with your left hand as you circle it over and under his right elbow into an uppercut (to break his elbow) as you pivot clockwise to 10:30 into a right forward bow.

        While still maintaining pressure on his right elbow, step back with the right foot to 4:30 into a left forward bow. Immediately release your right hand as you deliver a right knee strike to his face or chest simultaneous with a right inward overhead heel palm strike to the back of his neck.

        Follow through by planting forward with your right foot to 10:30 into a right neutral bow while pushing your opponent off of your knee. Have both hands flow down and to the rear.

  1. Crossed Twigs - rear two hand grab to the wrists.

        From a right neutral bow, countergrab both of his wrists as you step with the left foot to 10:30 into a left neutral bow.

        Pivot clockwise to face 4:30, as you cross his arms (right over left). In the process have your right elbow strike diagonally and outward to his right jaw hinge. Continue the flow so as to pull his right arm down. Have your left hand pull down below the level of your buttocks.

        Release your right grasp and loop your right arm counterclockwise into an inward overhead elbow strike to his upper spine.

        Release your left grip, and with both hands, execute two downward heel palm strikes to his left kidney and left ribcage. As you grab and pinch his right kidney and ribs, deliver a left knee kick to his righ ribcage.

        Replant your left foot to 10:30 into a horse, with both fists cocked at the hip.

  1. Wings Of Silk - Rear two-arm lock.

        While still in a horse, stomp his left instep with your left foot. Simultaneously, have your left hand pinch the nerve at the top of his thigh.

        As your right arm starts to slip out of his right arm, execute a right back obscure elbow under his chin with a right back heel scoop kick to his groin.

        Turn and step counterclockwise with your right foot (to 10:30 with a short right step) as your right arm slips completely out of his arm, pinching and pinning his left arm with your own arm as you begin to twirl out.

        Complete the twirl (360 degree turn) by circling your left foot counterclockwise to 10:30 ending up in a horse stance facing 1:30. Simultaneously have your right arm deliver an uppercut forearm strike to break his left elbow.

  1. Conquering Shield - front left stiff arm grab to your right lapel.

        Still in a horse stance, have your left hand pin his left hand to your shoulder/lapel as you strike with an inward vertical forearm against his elbow to break it. Simultaneous with these actions, execute a right front thrusting ball kick to his right inner knee cap.

        As your right foot lands to 1:30 in a right neutral bow, have your right arm glance up and then strike down with a right downward elbow to the top of his forearm. This strike should be timed to occur as your right foot lands on the ground.

        With both feet planted, deliver a right upward elbow strike under his chin, as your left hand positionally checks under your right armpit.

        Follow up with a right downward heel palm claw to the bridge of his nose and his eyes.

  1. Striking Serpent's Head - Front bear hug with arms free

        Drop back with your right foot to 7:30 into a left neutral bow (facing 1:30). Simultaneously, hook your left hand around and back of his head so that your left inner knuckle strikes to his left temple or mastoid while your right hand simultaneously does a heelpalm to his left jaw hinge and then cocks into a half fist at chest level (palm up above his arms).

        Continue the action by having your left hand grab and pull his hair back, by grabbing above the forehead. Simultaneously pivot into a left forward bow to 1:30 and execute a right snapping half fist (palm down) to his throat. Immediately return to your left neutral bow after the half fist strike, with your right hand recocking back to chest level (palm up).

  1. Closing: slide your right foot up and in line with your left foot into a meditating horse, facing 12:00. Come to attention, execute the salutation, and bow.