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American Kenpo Karate Club


Deflecting Hammer

Deflecting Hammer (Front- Right Front Thrusting Ball Kick)

v     With your feet together step back with your left foot toward 7:00 into a Right Neutral Bow Stance (to move out of the Line of Attack), while simultaneously executing a right downward diagonal block, against the outside of your opponent's right kicking leg. Your left hand checks at your solar plexus.

v     Without hesitation and while still in your Right Neutral Bow, shuffle forward as your left hand checks inward and toward your opponent's biceps. Your right hand cocks at the right hip in preparation for an elbow strike.

v     Just as you conclude the shuffle execute a Right Inward Horizontal Elbow Strike to your opponent's face, "with" a left sliding check down and onto your opponent's right elbow.