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American Kenpo Karate Club


Captured Twigs

Captured Twigs (Rear- Bear Hug around Waist with Arms Pinned)

v     With your feet together and your opponent's arms around you, step toward 9:00 with your left foot into a horse stance, facing 12:00, as you simultaneously pin your opponent's hands (to your body) with your left hand. Just as your weight settles into your Horse Stance execute a Right Back Hammer Fist Strike to your opponent's groin.

v     Immediately bring your right foot into a Right Cat Stance (turning 90 degrees while facing 3:00) as your left hand releases the pin, clears your opponent's left arm and covers the front of your face as a check if needed. Simultaneous with the action of your left arm have your right hand cover your groin and proceed to clear opponent's right arm.

v     Execute a Right Heel Stomp to your opponent's right instep.

v     Slide your right foot toward 4:30 into a Horse Stance, facing 1:30. Immediately have your right forearm contour up the middle of your opponent's body as you execute a Right Vertical Obscure Elbow Strike to the underside of your opponent's chin. Have your right arm snap back after the strike and cover your groin.