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American Kenpo Karate Club


The Grasp of Death

The Grasp of Death (Left Flank Right Arm Headlock)

v     With you bent forward and your opponent to your left applying a headlock with his right arm, initiate your action by tucking your chin to the left and against your chest, as you grab your opponent's right wrist with your right hand. All of this is done as your right foot steps forward toward 12:00 into a Right Close Kneel Stance while simultaneously grabbing your opponent's right inner thigh with your left hand and pinching the flesh of that leg with as much strength as possible.  Your opponent will experience a horse bite effect if it is done correctly. Be sure you continue checking the outside of your opponent's right leg with your left knee.

v     As your opponent reacts to your pinch and releases his grip, have your right hand bring his right arm over your head and down to your chest, making sure that your right forearm angles diagonally while acting as a check.

v     Immediately release the grip of your left hand and have your left foot step forward toward 11:00 into a Left Neutral Bow Stance as you simultaneously strike the back of your opponent's right elbow with your left forearm while pulling in and toward you with your right hand. This action should cause your opponent to step forward with his left foot prior to bending over at the waist.

v     Roll your left forearm on the back of your opponent's right elbow until your left forearm is parallel to the ground. Now slide your left hand to your opponent's right elbow. While controlling your opponent's right elbow with your left hand, pivot into a Transitional Left Forward Bow Stance, facing 11:00 as you immediately execute a Right Snapping Vertical Punch to the base of your opponent's skull, behind his right mastoid bone.