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American Kenpo Karate Club


Checking the Storm

Checking the Storm (Front - Right Step through Overhead Club)

v     Standing naturally with your feet together, as your opponent swings his club in an overhead fashion, quickly step off the line of attack, to your right toward 3:00 with your right foot. Simultaneously drag your left foot toward your right foot as you form a 45 Degree Cat Stance facing 10:30. Without a break in the flow of your action execute a right inward hand parry followed by a left extended outward block (employing the "Double Factor" principle) to the right inner wrist of your opponent's right arm. During the natural flow of your motion have your right hand stop, hand open, to act as a check in front of your solar plexus.

v     Immediately execute a Left Front Snap Kick to your opponent's groin.

v     Plant your left foot (toward 10:00) as a gauging leg toward your opponent (twist stance), as you deliver a right snapping knife edge kick to the inside of the opponent's right knee.

v     Plant your right foot toward 10:00 into a right neutral bow, and while employing Gravitational Marriage, execute a right outward back knuckle to the left temple, as your left hand checks at the solar plexus.