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American Kenpo Karate Club


Mace of Aggression

 Mace of Aggression (Front- Two Hand Lapel Grab - Pulling In)

v     With your feet together and your opponent grabbing your lapel with both of his hands, while pulling you in and toward him, execute a right stomp on the arch of your opponent's right foot while simultaneously striking diagonally across the bridge of your opponent's nose (from 1:00 to 7:00) with a right inward downward raking back knuckle strike. Have your left hand pin and check both of your opponent's hands at the same time the stomp and strike are taking place.

v     Continue the motion of your right arm so that it travels horizontally and down, striking both of your opponent's forearms in the process which in turn will force your opponent to bend forward.

v     Immediately execute a right inward horizontal elbow strike to your opponent's left jaw making sure that you follow through with your action.

v     Without hesitation return with a right outward horizontal elbow strike to the right jaw of your opponent.