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American Kenpo Karate Club


The Ed Parker Techniques

Red Hand Pointing Left

The order in which the techniques are taught varies from System to System (even within Ed Parker's Systems - 32 - 24 - 16) and from Organization to Organization (even within American Kenpo Organizations). In an effort to remain neutral (at least within this web site) I've arranged the techniques in alphabetical order in this Technique Locator Page. I've included some of the charts for various American Kenpo Systems on other pages for your reference. These charts may or may not represent YOUR Instructors preference.


From this page you will be directed to the Technique Descriptions and Notes on each Technique. The descriptions were compiled from several sources both on the web and not on the web.

On line sources include: (used with permission)

Bill Martino, author of the Kenpo Zone

Michael Billings, author of Kenpo-Texas


Off line sources include my instructors:


The Late - Tom Conner

(Traco International)


Dveed Natan

(Traco International, Northern Dragon Chinese Kenpo, Academy of RyuKyu Kenpo.


The Late - Jay T. Will

(Ed Parker American Kenpo - American/Chinese Kenpo (Tracy) United Kenpo Karate Association)


Kevin Lamkin,

(Ed Parkers American Kenpo - Kenpo International Martial Arts Association)

Co-author of:

The Library of Kenpo Manuals

The Complete American Kenpo Home Study Course

The Kenpo Masters Video Series

Plus many other publications and videos.

These sources were used for my own education and that knowledge is shared here. No part of these publications was reproduced in any part on this web site.


Alternating Maces

Attacking Mace


Bear and the Ram

Begging Hands

Blinding Sacrifice

Bow of Compulsion

Bowing to Buddha

Broken Gift

Broken Ram

Broken Rod

Brushing the Storm

Buckling Branch

Calming the Storm

Captured Leaves

Captured Twigs

Capturing the Rod

Capturing the Storm

Charging Ram

Checking the Storm

Circle of Doom

Circles of Protection

Circling Destruction

Circling Fans

Circling the Horizon

Circling the Storm

Circling Windmills

Circling Wing

Clipping the Storm

Clutching Feathers

Conquering Shield

Courting the Tiger

Crashing Wings

Cross of Death

Cross of Destruction

Crossed Twigs

Crossing Talon

Crushing Hammer

Dance of Darkness

Dance of Death

Darting Mace

Deceptive Panther

Defensive Cross

Deflecting Hammer

Defying the Rod

Defying the Storm

Delayed Sword

Desperate Falcons

Destructive Fans

Destructive Kneel

Destructive Twins

Detour from Doom

Dominating Circles

Encounter with Danger

Entangled Wing

Entwined Lance

Entwined Maces

Escape From Darkness

Escape From Death

Escape From the Storm

Evading the Storm

Falcons of Force

Fallen Cross

Falling Falcon

Fatal Cross

Fatal Deviation

Five Swords

Flashing Mace

Flashing Wings

Flight to Freedom

Gathering Clouds

Gathering of the Snakes

Gift in Return

Gift of Destiny

Gift of Destruction

Glancing Lance

Glancing Salute

Glancing Spear

Glancing Wing

Grasp of Death

Grasping Eagles

Grip of Death

Gripping Talon

Heavenly Ascent

Hooking Wings

Hugging Pendulum

Intercepting the Ram

Kneel of Compulsion

Leap from Danger

Leap of Death

Leaping Crane

Locked Wing

Locking Horns

Lone Kimono

Mace of Aggression

Marriage of the Rams

Menacing Twirl

Obscure Claws

Obscure Sword

Obscure Wing

Obstructing the Storm

Parting Wings

Parting of the Snakes

Piercing Lance

Prance of the Tiger

Protecting Fans

Raining Claw

Raining Lance

Raking Mace

Ram and the Eagle

Repeated Devastation

Repeating Mace

Reprimanding the Bears

Retreating Pendulum

Returning Storm

Reversing Circles

Reversing Mace

Rotating Destruction

Scraping Hoof

Securing the Storm

Shield and Mace

Shield and Sword

Shielding Hammer


Snakes of Wisdom

Snaking Talon

Snapping Twig

Spiraling Twig

Squatting Sacrifice

Squeezing the Peach

Striking Serpent's Head

Swinging Pendulum

Sword and Hammer

Sword of Destruction

Taming the Mace

Thrust into Darkness

Thrusting Lance

Thrusting Prongs

Thrusting Salute

Thrusting Wedge

Thundering Hammers

Triggered Salute

Tripping Arrow

Twin Kimono

Twirling Hammers

Twirling Sacrifice

Twirling Wings

Twist of Fate

Twisted Rod

Twisted Twig

Unfolding the Dark

Unfurling Crane

Unwinding Pendulum

Wings of Silk