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American Kenpo Karate Club


Ed Parker's American Kenpo 16 Technique System

Red Hand Pointing Left

This 16 Technique System represents the order of the techniques as revised by several of Ed Parker's Senior Students and approved by Ed Parker prior to his passing.

Yellow Belt



1)                   Delayed Sword (Front- Right Lapel Grab or Right Punch)  
2)                   Alternating Maces (Front- Two Handed Push)
3)                   Sword of Destruction (Front- Left Straight or Round House Punch)
4)                   Deflecting Hammer (Front- Right Front Thrusting Ball Kick)
5)                   Captured Twigs (Rear- Bear Hug around Waist with Arms Pinned)
6)                   The Grasp of Death (Left Flank Right Arm Headlock)
7)                   Checking the Storm (Front - Right Step through Overhead Club)    
8)                   Mace of Aggression (Front- Two Hand Lapels Grab - Pulling In)     
9)                   Attacking Mace (Front - Right Step through Straight Punch)         
10)               Sword and Hammer (Right Flank- Left Hand Shoulder Grab)          
11)               Intellectual Departure (Front- Right Front Thrusting Ball Kick)        



Orange Belt   


1)                   Clutching Feathers (Front Left Hand Hair Grab)    
2)                   Triggered Salute (Front Right Hand Direct Push)  
3)                   Dance of Death (Front Straight Right Punch)       
4)                   Thrusting Salute (Front Straight Right Kick)
5)                   Gift of Destruction (Handshake)  
6)                   Locking Horns (Front Head Lock)           
7)                   Evading the Storm (Front Right Overhead Club)    
8)                   Lone Kimono (Front Left Hand Lapel Grab)          
9)                   Glancing Salute (Front Right Cross Shoulder Push)         
10)               Five Swords (Front Roundhouse Right Punch)     
11)               Scraping Hoof (Full Nelson)        
12)               The Grip of Death (Left Flank Right Arm Headlock)           
13)               Repeating Mace (Front Left Hand Cross Push)    
14)               Shielding Hammer (Front Hooking Left Punch)     
15)               Striking Serpent's Head (Front Bear Hug-Arms Free)        
16)               Crashing Wings (Rear Bear Hug - Arms Free)      



Purple Belt  
1)                   Twirling Wings (Rear Stiff Two Hand Choke)        
2)                   Snapping Twigs (Front Left Hand Chest Push)     
3)                   Leaping Crane (Front Step through Right Punch)  
4)                   Buckling Branch (Front Straight Left Kick)           
5)                   Crushing Hammer (Rear Bear Hug - Arms Pinned)
6)                   Captured Leaves (Flank Finger Lock)      
7)                   Calming the Storm (Front Right Roundhouse Club)           
8)                   Crossing Talon (Front Right Cross Wrist Grab)    
9)                   Reversing Mace (Front Straight Left Punch)         
10)               Thrusting Prongs (Front Bear Hug-Arms Pinned)
11)               Locked Wing (Hammerlock)
12)               Obscure Wing (Flank Left Hand Shoulder Grab)   
13)               Raining Claw (Front Uppercut Right Punch)
14)               Spiraling Twig (Rear Bear Hug - Arms Free)         
15)               Twisted Twig (Front Wrist Lock) 
16)               Obscure Sword (Flank Left Hand Shoulder Grab) 
Blue Belt      
1)                   Twin Kimono (Front Two-Hand Lapel Grab - Push Out)     
2)                   Parting Wings (Front Two-Hand Push)    
3)                   Thundering Hammer (Front Straight Right Punch) 
4)                   Swinging Pendulum (Front Roundhouse Right Kick)         
5)                   Squeezing the Peach (Rear Bear Hug - Arms Pinned)      
6)                   Circling Wing (Rear Two-Hand Choke - Arms Bent)          
7)                   Obstructing the Storm (Front Right Overhead Club)          
8)                   Darting Mace (Front Two-Hand Wrist Grab)         
9)                   Hooking Wings (Front Two-Hand Low Push)        
10)               Shield and Sword (Front Straight Left Punch)       
11)               Gift In Return (Front Hand Shake)           
12)               Bow of Compulsion (Front Wrist Lock - Against Chest)     
13)               Charging Ram (Front Tackle)
14)               Sleeper (Front Straight Step through Right Punch)           
15)               Cross -Of Destruction (Rear Two-Hand Choke)
16)               Begging Hands (Front Two-Hand Grab to Wrists) 
Green Belt   
1)                   Thrusting Wedge (Front Two-Hand High Push)
2)                   Flashing Wings (Front Straight Right Punch)
3)                   Hugging Pendulum (Front Right Side Kick)
4)                   Repeated Devastation (Full Nelson)
5)                   Destructive Twins (Two-Hand Choke - Pull In)      
6)                   Defying the Storm (Front Right Roundhouse Club)
7)                   Crossed Twigs (Rear Two-Hand Grab to Wrists)   
8)                   Shield and Mace (Front Straight Step through Right Punch)          
9)                   Snaking Talon (Front Two-Hand Push)    
10)               Retreating Pendulum (Front Right Rear Kick)       
11)               Tripping Arrow (Front Bear Hug - Arms Free)       
12)               Wings of Silk (Rear Two-Arm Lock)        
13)               Conquering Shield (Front Left Stiff Arm Lapel Grab)          
14)               Entangled Wing (Front Arm Lock)           
15)               Raking Mace (Front Two-Hand Lapel Grab - Pull In)
16)               Flight to Freedom (Hammerlock)
Brown Belt Third Degree
1)                   Dominating Circles (Front - Offset Right Hand Grab to Right Shoulder)
2)                   Twist of Fate (Front Two-Hand Push)      
3)                   Flashing Mace (Front Straight Right Punch)        
4)                   Detour from Doom (Front Right Roundhouse Kick)           
5)                   Gift of Destiny (Handshake)
6)                   Blinding Sacrifice (Front Two-Hand Choke or Grab Attempt)          
7)                   Returning Storm (Roundhouse and Backhand Club Attack)           
8)                   Glancing Spear (Front Direct Left Wrist Grab)      
9)                   Encounter with Danger (Front Two-Hand Push)    
10)               Gathering Clouds (Front Straight Right Punch)     
11)               Circle of Doom (Front Straight Right Kick)
12)               Squatting Sacrifice (Read Bear Hug - Arms Free)
13)               Fallen Cross (Rear Two-Hand Choke)      
14)               Brushing the Storm (Flank Right Overhead Club)  
15)               Desperate Falcons (Front Two-Hand Grab to Wrists)        
16)               Circling the Horizon (Front Step through Punch)   
17)               Gripping Talon (Front Left Hand Direct Wrist Grab)
18)               Broken Ram (Front Tackle)        
19)               Circling Destruction (Front Step through Left Punch)        
20)               Obscure Claws (Flank Left Hand Shoulder Grab)  
Brown Belt Second Degree       
1)                   Menacing Twirl (Left Hand Rear Belt Grab)          
2)                   Leap from Danger (Rear Two-Hand Push)
3)                   Circles of Protection (Front Step through Overhead Right Punch)   
4)                   Rotating Destruction (Right Front Snap Kick and Left Spinning Back Kick Combination)
5)                   Broken Gift (Handshake)
6)                   Escape from Death (Right Rear Arm Choke)        
7)                   Capturing the Storm (Front Right Overhead Club) 
8)                   Intercepting the Ram (Front Tackle)        
9)                   The Back Breaker (Flank Step through Right Punch)        
10)               Deceptive Panther (Combination Front Right Snap Kick (Low) and Right Roundhouse (High)   
11)               Twirling Sacrifice (Full Nelson)    
12)               Heavenly Ascent (Front Two-Hand Choke - Arms Straight)
13)               Securing the Storm (Front Right Roundhouse Club)          
14)               Falling Falcon (Front - Right Direct Lapel Grab)    
15)               Taming the Mace (Front Step through Right Punch)         
16)               Defensive Cross (Right Front Kick)         
17)               Cross of Death (Front Two-Hand Cross Choke)    
18)               Kneel Of Compulsion (Flank Step through Right Punch)   
19)               Bowing to Buddha (Right Front Roundhouse Kick)           
20)               Glancing Wing (Front Left Uppercut Punch)         
Brown Belt First Degree  
1)                   Fatal Cross (Two-Hand Attempted Low Grab or Push)      
2)                   Thrust into Darkness (Right Punch Directly From the Rear)           
3)                   Circling Fans (Front Straight Left and Right Punch)          
4)                   Dance of Darkness (Right Front Kick Followed By Right Punch)    
5)                   Falcons of Force (Left and Right Shoulder Grab)  
6)                   The Bear and the Ram (Front Right Step through Punch and Rear Bear Hug - Arms Free) 
7)                   Clipping the Storm (Front Right Thrusting Club)    
8)                   Circling Windmills (Two-Hand Push Followed by Right Punch with Your Back near A Wall)    
9)                   Leap of Death (Front Straight Right Punch)          
10)               Protecting Fans (Front Left and Right Punch with the Opponents Left Leg Forward - The Same Sequence May Be Used for a Right and Left Punch)    
11)               Reversing Circles (Left Roundhouse Kick Followed By Left Punch)  
12)               Courting the Tiger (Left and Right Arm Grab)        
13)               Gathering of the Snakes (Front Left Punch and Rear Right Punch)
14)               Raining Lance (Front Overhead Step through Knife Attack)           
15)               Destructive Fans (Flank Right Punch with the Opponents Right Leg Forward)         
16)               Unfurling Crane (Front Left and Right Punch with the Opponents Right Leg Forward)         
17)               Unwinding Pendulum (Right Front Kick Followed By Right Punch) 
18)               Grasping Eagles (Right Front Lapel Grab and Rear Right Arm Grab)          
19)               Parting of the Snakes (Front Right Punch and Rear Attempt)        
20)               Glancing Lance (Front Knife Thrust - With Your Arms Down)         
Black Belt First Degree    


1)                   Destructive Kneel (Kneel Of Destruction) (Front Step through Right Punch)           
2)                   Entwined Maces (Left and Right Punch with the Opponents Left Leg Forward)        
3)                   Marriage of the Rams (Left and Right Shoulder Grab - Close)        
4)                   The Ram and the Eagle (Front Right Punch and Left Rear Collar Grab)     
5)                   Escape from the Storm (Right Flank, Overhead Right Club)           
6)                   Thrusting Lance (Front Knife Thrust)       
7)                   Capturing the Rod (Right Front Pistol against Your Chest)
8)                   Prance of the Tiger (Right Flank Step-Thru Right Uppercut Punch)     
9)                   Fatal Deviation (Front- Right & Left Punch Combination)   
10)               Snakes of Wisdom (Left and Right Shoulder Grab by Two Men at Sides)        
11)               Reprimanding the Bears (Front Right Punch and Rear Bear Hug - Arms Pinned)     
12)               Circling the Storm (Right Front Club Poke)          
13)               Entwined Lance (Front Right Knife Thrust)           
14)               Broken Rod (Rear Right Hard Pistol)       
15)               Twirling Hammers (Front Step through Left Punch)           
16)               Piercing Lance (Front Knife Thrust - With Your Arms Up)  
17)               Unfolding the Dark (Left Step through Punch from Right Rear Flank)  
18)               Defying the Rod (Right Front Pistol)        
19)               Escape from Darkness (Left Rear Flank - Right Step through Punch)       
20)               Twisted Rod (Right Front Pistol)