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American Kenpo Karate Club


Alternating Maces

Alternating Maces (Front- Two Handed Push)

v     With your feet together, and as your opponent pushes you, step back with your left foot toward 6:00 into a right neutral bow stance, facing 12:00, while simultaneously executing a Right Inward Block to the outside of your opponent's left arm, while your left hand cocks to your left hip.

v     Immediately collapse your right arm across the lop of both of your opponent's arms (to act as a check), as you deliver a Left Vertical Thrust Punch to your opponent's sternum or solar plexus, while torquing into a Right Forward Bow Stance. Remember both stance change and punch must work in synchronization with each other in order to maximize the force of the punch.

v     Have your left hand (after the punch, shift palm open and down) on top of both your opponent's arms (to check) while simultaneously having your right hand rapidly travel inside of your left arm and out into a Right Outward Back Knuckle Strike to the right temple of your opponent, while pivoting back into a Right Neutral Bow Stance. (The torque stemming from the stance change will greatly increase the whipping action of your right hand).

v     Immediately have your right hand snap back into a checking position.