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American Kenpo Karate Club
"Traditional Kenpo" vs. American Kenpo


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Traditional Kenpo uses as many as 600+ self defense techniques and variations... while American Kenpo only uses 154 self defense techniques and 96 extended techniques for a total of 250.
Here I will try to explain the different approachs to teaching what is in essence the SAME system of self protection. MY opinions of the the pros and cons of each approach.
Having trained in BOTH systems as well as RyuKyu Kenpo I feel perhaps I can offer a unique perspective at these systems.

I will also be offering my opinions about the various American Kenpo "systems" being offered across the country:
The "Traditional" 24 Technique System
The "Original" 32 Technique System
The "Modern" 16 Technique System
as well as the unique modified American Kenpo Systems
I will try to remain as neutral as possible in my explainations of these various systems as ALL of them have some merit to their approach to teaching Ed Parker's American Kenpo.

More information SOON!