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Kenpo Terms




Anatomical Week Points - Essential body parts which can be rendered helpless or have a fatal effect when struck.

And - A word in our Kenpo vocabulary that is eliminated by the more adept. It involves time and therefore is contradictory to economy of motion, a principle well worth following.

Angle of Deflection - On high block keep arm bent at a 45 degree angle above our head to get Angle of deflection to keep strike from pounding on our arm or hitting us.

Angle of Disturbance - That angle which, when a move is executed, does not necessarily injure, but rather upsets an opponent's balance.

Angle of Execution - Any angle which, when an attack is executed, produces maximum results.

Angle of Incidence - Refers to your weapon making contact with your target on a perpendicular angle (right angle to each other) that will render the greatest effect.

Angle of No Return - Refers to the position and angle of the upper body and hips while delivering a front kick or forward motion, making it awkward, difficult, and illogical to attempt to return to your starting position. Because of the awkwardness and the time needed to return to your original position, exposure of your vital areas would work in your opponent's favor--not to mention your inability to render an immediate counter.

Angles of Travel - Entails a more precise and acute viewpoint of direction. They describe direction as degrees of measurement. Angles of travel employ the "compass principle" where a student is made to visualize specific degrees on the compass to view motions of attack and defense.

Adjust - Part of the formulation process where you can calibrate the range, angle of execution, or both.

Alphabet of Motion - Each move learned in Kenpo, whether used defensively, offensively, or to serve both purposes, is viewed as part of the alphabet of motion.

Alter - Part of the formulation process where you can vary the weapon, target, or both.

Alternating Zones - General rule is to strike different zones, or alternate zones to get `rocking' effect. Glancing Salute is a good example.

Anatomical Positioning - Calculated striking of vital targets to force an opponent into preconceived postural positions that will make the next target of your choice readily accessible for a successful follow-up.