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Kenpo Terms



Hairpin - Refers to a path of action that resembles the shape of a hairpin. It is a method of execution that elongates the circle and rounds off the corner.

Hammering - A particular method of striking which resembles the action of a hammer pounding a nail from various angles.

Hammering Block - When we step to an angle we use a hammering block to get angle of incidence (Checking & Evading the storm, Thrusting salute, Buckling Branch)

Height Cancellation - Bending attackers over to keep them below us. Normally done by kick or strike to groin or knee. When you remain in the center-line of an attacker, you MUST cancel their height zone. Examples; Mace of Aggression, Snapping Twig, Raking Mace.

Height Zones - One of the divisions of the dimensional zone theory. Zones related to this division encompass protection or attack on three levels. These levels are viewed horizontally-from the head to the solar plexus, the solar plexus to the groin, and the groin to the feet.

Hook - A type of punch used by boxers that makes contact with the opponent on the down side of his circling action. In short, contact is made after the fist passes the apex of the circle. Kicks can also follow the same principle.

Hooking - The execution of a natural weapon that makes contact with its target after passing the apex of the circle in which it travels. Contact is made on the downside or return of the circle in which your weapon travels.

Horse Sense - The same as common sense.

Hwarang-do - A Korean Martial Art system that taught high principles and philosophies. Advocates were dedicated to the cultivation of spirit and health among the youth along with self-defense disciplines.