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Kenpo Terms



Ideal Phase - The first analytical process of dissecting a technique. It entails structuring specific and fixed moves of a selected sequence of movements which take into consideration the anticipated reactions that can stem from them.

Ideas - Moves in Kenpo are taught to be no more than ideas which can vary with each changing situation.

Inside Block - When blocking on inside of attackers arm the block should be between the wrist and elbow (Delayed Sword, Sword of Destruction, five swords)

Inside Downward - A particular method of blocking below your waist that requires you blocking arm to travel from outside in.

Internal Power - Force from within developed via Chi.

Intuitive Awareness - Refers to paranormal perception.

Internal Organs - Refers to interrelated parts of the human body that function together to maintain life. These diverse organs are composed of the heart, kidneys, lungs, spleen, brain, nervous systems, eyes, etc.

Inward Parry - A blocking method (usually with an open hand) that requires your blocking arm to travel from outside in as it redirects a blow or kick by riding or going with the force.