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Kenpo Terms



Kajukenbo - An offshoot of William Chow's original methods of Kenpo Karate that was created by Adriano and Joe Emperado in Hawaii.

Karate - A recent term used by the Japanese to describe the oriental boxing systems of Japan and Okinawa.

Karateka - A student of the Martial Arts.

Kata - A Japanese term for the word form which is used in American Kenpo.

Kenpo - As spelled, is a modern term describing one of the more innovative systems of the Martial Arts practiced primarily in Hawaii and the America's. Ken means fist and po means law. Thus Kenpo means fist law.

Kenpo Karate - The term used by William Chow to describe the art he was teaching in Hawaii during the 1930's to 1970's. As described and taught by Parker, it literally means "law of the fist and empty hand".

Ken To - The Japanese term for boxing. Ken means fist and to means fight. Thus, Ken To means fist fight.

Ki - A Japanese term for Chi.

Kiai - A loud noise cause by the rapid expulsion of air from the diaphragm of the body. This expulsion of air creates stability, increases force, fortifies the body and can have a psychological effect upon your opponent. Kiai originally meant "breathing exercise".

Kill or Be Killed - A method of combat learned by the military during World War II. It was a condensed form of combat utilizing Martial Arts concepts concentrating on techniques that brought about instant disability or death.

Knockout - Is a term used to describe a victim in an unconscious state. It is also a term used by some of the professional karate tournaments who allow competitors to literally knock their opponents out.