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Kenpo Terms



Lance - Refers to a knife attack as used in a technique

Laymen - Beginners in the Martial Arts.

Leaves - Refers to the fingers as used in a technique.

Leap - A springing type jump for purposes of evasion or attack.

Light Contact - Usually occurs in amateur karate tournaments where competitors are not allowed to make heavy contact. Only light contact is allowed. Infraction of these rules can mean disqualification from the match and/or tournament.

Linear Movements - Moves that are direct and follow a straight path.

Line of Attack - The path that an opponent follows when he is attacking. This line of attack can come from any direction based on the clock principle.

Line of Sight - The path of a moving target brought into alignment.

Lock-Out - A type of check that is used to slightly detain the action of your opponent. It involves striking a target with a natural weapon and having the weapon remain on the target for a time before retrieving it.

Locks - Moves that lock the joints or body parts of your opponent to restrain him from taking further action. It combines methods of pushing and pulling.

Long Range Encounters - Action that occurs at arm length or the length of a leg.