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Kenpo Terms



Natural Defenses - The use of body parts as defensive blocks or deterrents.

Natural Weapons - The use of body parts as offensive weapons.

Nature of the Attack - Refers to learning to : (1) identify, define and classify the types of encounters you may find yourself in; (2) thoroughly scrutinize the various methods in which weapons (natural or otherwise) can be employed; and (3) instinctively determine your choice of action in successfully combating the numerous types of encounters with which you may be confronted.

No Contact - The ability to execute a strike to a competitor with control so as not to make full contact with the designated target. This rule is adhered to at some amateur karate tournaments.

Northern Styles - Generally refers to those Martial Art systems practiced in northern China. These systems placed great emphasis on utilizing the feet as weapons, rolling on the floor and stressed an array of acrobatic feats.