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Kenpo Terms



Object Obscurity - The use of your limbs to hide the action of another limb. For example, after a right two finger hook is applied to your opponent's left eye, your left hand can next use your right forearm as a track to zero in on the same target. Not until the left two finger poke is almost on target do you retract your right arm. The last minute replacement of weapons makes the second action obscure. This concept parallels the principle of tracking and is classified as a method of contouring.

Obscure Zones - Those areas of space that are outside of the boundaries of peripheral sight. These zones of space are blind spots from which action can stem and be delivered unchecked.

Open End Triangle - Refers to the positioning of your body parts so that they form and opened end triangle. Use of these body formations help to funnel, wedge, trap, or prevent an opponent from injuring you.

Opposites & Reverses - Delayed Sword and Sword of Destruction are same technique using opposite hand sides. Techniques can be run on both left and right sides as well as inside and outside (leaping crane run right side against a left or right punch). It's not necessary to run them on both sides because Mr. Parker devised the techniques so that for every left side defense there is a matching technique on the right side and vice versa with the assumption that the right side is the power side.

Outer Rim Theory - An imaginary egg shaped circle that is used as a visual aid. This egg shaped pattern starts at eyebrow level and ends slightly below the region of the groin. This concept teaches one to confine their defensive and offensive moves to only those areas within the imaginary circle.

Outside Block - When blocking on outside of attackers arm the block should be at or slightly above the elbow (Attacking Mace, Thundering Hammers)

Outside Downward - A type of block requiring your blocking arm to travel from inside out. It is used for attacks that are primarily directed to targets below your waist.

Outward Parry - A block that travels from inside out as it redirects and rides the force of your opponent's strike.