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Kenpo Terms



Raking - The execution of a body weapon in a sweeping manner so that it grazes the target with penetrating force. It involves increasing the depth of your circular path so that you natural weapon gouges the surface of your target. It, too, is similar to a slice with two exceptions: the force is greater and the depth more penetrating. Executed properly, a rake may employ several parts of a natural weapon so that is produces a corrugated effect when making contact with the target.

Ram - Refers to a charging attack as used in a technique

Range - That distance which exists between you and your opponent.

Reactionary Postures and Positions - Postures and positions that result from being struck. Positions that often occur in response pain.

Rebounding - Moving from one block/strike to another. For example, Delayed Sword into Sword of Destruction into Shielding Hammer

Regulate - Part of the formulation process where you can govern the speed, force, speed and force, or the intent and speed of your action.

Reverse Motion - Returning on the same path of an initiated move.

Ricocheting Block - A defensive move that uses the first block to launch into a second block. This term is often interchangeably used with a ricocheting blocking strike where a block is built into an aggressive strike.

Rod - Refers to a gun attack as used in a technique

Rolling Check - A check where you use pressure by rolling against your opponent's weapons to nullify delivery of these weapons.

Rotational Force - Moves that use revolving action to contribute to power. Torque is a product of rotating force. An example of this is the roundhouse kick used in the Kenpo technique "Shield and Sword".

Roundhousing - Any weapon that makes contact with its target before reaching the apex of the circular path in which it is traveling.

Rules - Generally refer to those moves that are to be followed to the letter. Such moves can only restrict flexibility and, therefore, ideas rather than rules are stressed in Kenpo.

Running the Table - A term used in the game of billiard where the player hits one ball after another into the side pockets until the table is completely cleared which is comparable to blocking an opponents every strike while you strike in response, thus defeating your opponent.