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Kenpo Terms



Unconcerned Positions - Unprepared positions that are oblivious to trouble.

Unintentional Moves - Accidental and unplanned moves by an opponent which, when unchecked or not anticipated, can defeat your purpose. It is a normal reaction by an opponent.

Universal Pattern - A three dimensional pattern of movements developed by Ed Parker that was conceived to aid students to have a directional key to movement. It is a design that would also aid in systematically understanding the interrelationship of linear and circular movements and the path which they follow.

Unuseful - Movements that may not be useful in one predicament, but can be used in another predicament with positive results.

Uppercut - An upward vertical motion used to execute a punch.

Upward Blocks - All types of blocks that redirect an attacking weapon up, above, over, out or away from your head.

Useless - Is not the same as unuseful since such moves would not be effective under any condition.