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Kenpo Terms



Wasted Motion - moves which have no appreciable effect.

Web of Knowledge - A spider web pattern that is used to give priority to self-defense techniques according to the degree of difficulty expended in handling an attack.

Weight Distribution - The apportionment of weight related to a particular stance. It may vary, fifty-fifty, sixty-forty, ninety-ten, etc.

What if Phase - The second analytical process of dissecting a technique. It takes in additional variables. Expected as well as unexpected actions from your opponent are projected and evaluated.

Wheel - A type of kick resembling and paralleling the path of a roundhouse kick.

Whipping - A particular method of execution that employs a snapping type of blow or strike, but with less force than a snap.

Width Cancellation - Turning attacker sideways to us. Removes two of their weapons (far arm & leg). We do this when we're at an attackers side. Examples: Lone Kimono, Backbreaker.

Width Zones - This entails four vertical segments that can be protected or attacked.

Wings - Refers to the elbows as used in a technique.

With - A very useful word in the Kenpo vocabulary which is adhered to by the more adept. It involves dual movements and eliminates the word "and". Employing this principle eliminates wasted motion and economizes on time.

White Dot Focus - Where one visualizes a white dot on a black background, which represents unawareness. The focus is on maximizing power, not protection.

Whole - As conveyed in Kenpo refers to the total experiences that makes up one's life.

Words of Motion - Refers to a combination or sequence of moves created by one arm.