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Kenpo Terms



Dark/Darkness - Refers to attacks from the rear or flank (coming from the unknown) as used in a technique

Dead/Live - A grab is a Dead attack, a push is Semi-Live, a punch is Live

Deflecting Block - When we move straight back we use a deflecting block to get Angle of incidence (Deflecting Hammer, Retreating & Hugging Pendulum)

Depth Cancellation - Getting in close to an attacker. We decrease the distance between them and us.

Depth Penetration - The concept of going beyond the point of contact when you are striking with a weapon.

Depth Perception - The ability to judge the distance of objects.

Depth Zones - One of the categorical zones of protection . It entails the protection of approximately seven depth zones. These are vertical zones viewed from the side.

Deviate Weapon/Target - Move away from where strike is coming and/or parry/block the strike.

Dimensional Zone Theory - It was created to teach students of American Kenpo how to use their imagination to visually divide their opponent's body into vertical and horizontal zones (sections) as viewed from the front, side, or back. This in turn allows a student to subdivide an opponent into four basic zones--height, width, depth, and zones of obscurity. Knowledge of this theory can also be used to keep your opponent's dimensions in check. Controlling your opponent's actions by restricting the use and versatility of his dimensions (angle of cancellation), makes retaliation by your opponent considerably difficult.

Dimensions of Travel - Are concerned with the height, width, and depth of motion, or the height, width and depth that can be created and controlled by motion.

Direction - Refers to the direction from which opponent's or your action may stem. It is one of the ingredients that make up the analytical study of motion.

Directional Change - The ability to switch or alter directions while keeping the momentum of your body flowing constantly so as not to interrupt the initial motion started.

Double Factor - It entails utilizing dual movements to defend yourself. These moves can incorporate any combination of blocks, parries, and checks. It also refers to sophisticated moves which are dually defensive and offensive. Reverse motion is an integral part of this concept.