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Kenpo Terms



Economy of Motion - Any movement that takes less time to execute and still causes the intended effect.

Eighteen Hand Movements - The original number of hand movements first developed to defend or attack an opponent. These moves supposedly formed the foundations of Shaolin Boxing.

Embryonic Moves - Simple basic movements which are generally singular in both action and purpose.

Empty Hands - A term associated with all Martial Art Systems that employ only natural body weapons while defending or attacking.

Engineer of Motion - Is that stage in a student's study where he not only can dissect motion, inspect it, understand it, and reassemble it like a mechanic, but extends beyond that point. At this stage he can rearrange, fuse, or create more sophisticated principles. These may stem from a combination of principles, but, nevertheless, they do take on a new perspective.

Environmental Awareness - The ability to observe daily condition and surrounding and make on the spot decisions to either avoid danger or take advantage of the opportunities offered.

Environmental Objects - Useable objects that surround us (a pole, wall, chair, table, etc.), or that are on us ( a comb, keys, brush, tube, pen, pencil, belt, purse, etc.) which we can use as weapons of defense.

Equation Formula - This is a special formula that one can follow in determining and developing specific fighting patterns that are practical and logical. The formula allows one a more conclusive basis for negotiating alternate actions.

Exaggerated Step - Is another simplified term to describe a kick.

Explosive Action - Instantaneous reaction that ignites and bursts from inside out with repetitive succession.

Extended Outward - A type of block that is delivered out, up and away from the body. It is a block used at medium range.

External Physical Weakness - Self induced weakening of the body imposed by outward forces such as steam, fire, etc. to humble the soul.