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Kenpo Terms



Family Related Moves - The use of the same move or moves against a number of predicaments that are basically similar in context, but so often overlooked as similar in principle. For example, the answer to a wrist grab can, with some minor alteration, be the same as a hair or lapel grab. The basic action is to control the opponent's wrist while striking against the joint of his elbow. The answer to a "rear bear hug", arms free, can also work if the arms are pinned or if the hug was converted into a "full nelson".

Fan - Refers to circular parries as used in a technique

Feathers - Refers to the hair.

Feel - A word used to describe the foot or hand as it slides from one point to another. In the case of the foot, the concept teaches you to move your foot back ever so slightly so that it literally feels the ground when it is sliding in the hope of overcoming possible obstacles.

Feint - A misleading move used to deceive an opponent.

Fighting Sentence - Combined movements of hands and feet that are used in sequence both defensively and offensively.

Fitting - Applying the shape of a natural weapon to fit the target being struck. It is like fitting a puzzle in place. The effectiveness of a strike is enhanced when you use shapes that match. It is one of the methods of contouring.

Focus - Is the result of the entire body working as a unit at the very instant a target is struck. The concentration of mind (knowledge) breath, strength, and methods of execution must unite as one in conjunction with body momentum, torque, gravitational marriage, timing, speed, penetration, etc.

Form - Is literally a short story of motion. These motions are offensive and defensive maneuvers incorporated into a dance for purposes of learning, home training and exercise. They are usually done without a partner.

Formulate - The combining of moves into a systematized order, which when properly organized, develops into a logical and practical sequential arrangement.

Formulation Phase - This is the third analytical process of dissecting a technique. It involves the actual application of your newly found alternatives to the original ideal or fixed technique.

Freestyle - A Martial Arts term for sparring with one or more competitors. Sparring is usually extemporaneous.

Frictional Pull - Used to cancel an attackers height thereby removing some of attackers weapons.

Full Contact - Is the professional method of freestyling (sparring) where actual hitting is accepted as part of the rules.