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Kenpo Terms



Gift - Refers to a handshake as used in a technique

Glancing - A method of striking that is similar to a slice. The major difference is that the depth of penetration is much greater. It does not skim the surface of the target, but makes a deep penetration.

Grafting - Is the combining of several principles within the flow of a single action. For example a strike may start with a hammering motion, but conclude with a thrusting action without disturbing the natural flow of the executed move. The term also refers to combining self-defense techniques without disruption in their completed or uncompleted state.

Gravitational Check - A form of contouring where parts of an arm or leg rests on a particular surface area on an opponent's body to prevent him from obtaining height and leverage. This restriction can detain or prevent an opponent from taking action that can be detrimental.

Gravitational Marriage - The uniting of mind, breath, and strength while simultaneously dropping your body weight along with the execution of your natural weapon(s). Timing all of these factors with the dropping of your body weight greatly adds to the force of your strikes. This combined actions literally causes a marriage with gravity and is thus, often referred to as "marriage of gravity".