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RyuKyu Kenpo


Rank Requirements
Rank Requirements

Yellow Belt Requirements


  • Naihanchi Shodan
  • Tsuji no Kata Sho
  • Shihonuke 



1. Knee of Vengeance. (AB).

    Naihanchi Shodan (first )

  2. One Armed Boxer. Set I. (A1-4,B1-4,CDE).

  3. The Art of War. Set I. (A1-7,B1-3).

    Naihanchi Shodan (second )

  4. Ground Defense. (A1-2,B1-2,C).

  5. Twisting Talon. (ABCD).

    Tsuji no Kata Sho (in-out)

  6. Attacking Circle. (A1-3,B1-3,C1-3).

  7. Capturing the Wing. (AB).

    Tsuji no Kata Sho (up-down)

  8. Kick Blocks. Set I (ABCD).

  9. Breaking the Spear.

    Tsuji no Kata Sho (finish)

10. Bearhug (Free in front). Set I. (ABCD).

11. Bowing to the Buddha (AB).

    Shihonuke (first )

12. Locking the Arm. Set I. (ABC).

13. Head Lock. Set I. (AB1-2).

    Shihonuke (finish)

14. Japanese Strangle Hold. (AB).

15. The Bridge.

Yellow Belt Test

Yellow Belt
Yellow Belt
Technique Descriptions

Orange Belt Requirements


  • Tsuji no Kata Ni
  • Seisan Tomari
  • Nunchaku Kihon


  1. Kimono Grab. Set I (AB1-2).

    Tsuji no Kata Ni (in-out)

  2. Restraining Hold. (ABCDE).

    Tsuji no Kata Ni (up)

  3. Dragon Returns. (AB).

    Tsuji no Kata Ni (down)

  4. Three Tongues of Fire. (A1-2,B1-2).

  5. The Art of War. Set II. (A1-4,BCDE).

    Tsuji no Kata Ni (finish)

  6. Inward Defense. (ABCD).

  7. Outward Defense. (ABCD).

    Seisan (forward and turn)

  8. Head Lock. Set II. (ABC).

    Seisan (return and sides)

  9. Locking the Arm. Set II. (ABCD).

    Seisan (finish)

10. Bearhug (Free in back). (A1-2,BC).

    Nunchaku Kihon (forward - back)

11. Encircling Arms. Set I. (ABCD).

    Nunchaku Kihon (behind - over)

12. The Art of War. Set III. (A1-5,B1-2,CD1-2).

    Nunchaku Kihon (sides)

13. Chinese Sword. (A1-2,B).

    Nunchaku Kihon (return)

14. One Armed Boxer. Set II. (ABCDE).

    Nunchaku Kihon (finish)

15. Bearhug (Pinned in front). (A1-2,B).

Orange Belt Test

Orange Belt
Orange Belt
Technique Descriptions

Purple Belt Requirements


  • Ananku
  • Tsuji no Kata San
  • Matayoshi no Tonfa

  1. Kimono Grab. Set II. (AB).

    Ananku (first )

  2. Purple Matwork. Set I. (ABCD).

    Ananku (second )

  3. The Anvil. (ABC).

  4. The Dancer. Set I. (AB).

    Tsuji no Kata San (full formal bow, in-out)

  5. Bearhug (Pinned in back). Set I. (A1-2,BC1-2).

    Tsuji no Kata San (up)

  6. Attacking Defense. (AB).

  7. Kick Blocks. Set II (A1-2,B1-3,C1-2).

    Tsuji no Kata San (down)

  8. Temple Shot. (ABC).

    Tsuji no Kata San (triple pokes)

  9. Circles of China. (A1-2,B1-2,C1-3,DE).

    Tsuji no Kata San (both downs)

10. Shackle Break. (AB).

    Tsuji no Kata San (push down, claws)

11. Sleeves of China. Set I. (AB1-2,C).

    Tsuji no Kata San (elbows and finish)

12. Crossing the Sun. (AB).

    Matayoshi no Tonfa (forward and turn)

13. Crane Leap. (ABCD).

    Tonfa (sides and back to turn around)

14. Purple Matwork. Set II. (A1-3,B1-2).

    Tonfa (kusanku, jumps, and finish)

15. Opponents at Sides. (A1-3,BC1-2).


Purple Belt Test

Purple Belt
Purple Belt
Technique Descriptions


Green Belt Requirements
  • Naihanchi Sandan
  • Nakamura no Tonfa
  • Soutouryuu
  • Bo Kihon


  1. One Armed Boxer. Set IV. (ABCI-2,DEF)
  2. Flashing Daggers.
  3. The Dancer Set II. (AB).
  4. Attacking Shadows. (ABC).
  5. Encircling Arms. Set II. (ABCD).
  6. Eagles Beak. (ABC).
  7. The Dart. (AB1-2).
  8. Sleeves of China. Set II. (ABC 1-2).
  9. Leveling the Clouds. (AB).
  10. Bearhug (Pinned in back). Set III. (AI-2.BC).
  11. Thundering Hammer. (AB).
  12. The Butterfly. (AI-2B).
  13. The Sickle. (AB).
  14. Monkey Elbow. (ABC).
  15. Silk Wind. (ABI-2,CI-3).

Green Belt
Green Belt
Technique Descriptions


2nd Degree Brown Belt Requirements


  • Passai
  • Shuudankou
  • Kunioshi no Sai


  1. Thai Boxer.
  2. Locking the Arm. Set III. (ABC).
  3. Reversing Cyclone.
  4. Opening the Fan. (AB).
  5. Darting Serpent. (AB).
  6. Brush of Danger. (AB).
  7. Bridging the Gap. (AB).
  8. The Manchu.
  9. Twisting Serpent.
  10. Snapping Twig. (AB).
  11. Tiger Explodes.
  12. Arcing Blades. (AB).
  13. Sweeping Servant. (ABC).
  14. Blocking the Sun. (AB).
  15. Seven Swords. (AB1-3).

2nd Brown Belt
2nd Brown
Technique Descriptions

Blue Belt Requirements
  • Naihanchi Nidan
  • Wansu
  • Kunioshi no Sai


  1. Eagle Pin. (AB).

    Naihanchi Nidan (first )

  2. Oriental Lever.

    Naihanchi Nidan (second )

  3. The Rocker.

  4. Crossing the Mountain. (AB).

  5. Bearhug (Free in front). Set II. (ABC).

    Wansu (first )

  6. Striking Serpent.

  7. The Viper. (ABC).

    Wansu (second )

  8. The Lotus. (AB).

  9. The Drawbridge. (A1-2,BC).

10. Bearhug (Pinned in Back). Set II. (AB).

11. Circling the Sun. (AB).

12. Ascending to Heaven. (ABC).

    Kunioshi no Sai (start and turn)

13. Full Nelson. (ABC).

    Kunioshi no Sai (first and second sides)

14. Crouching Falcon.

    Kunioshi no Sai (third side and finish)

15. Locking the Arm. Set III. (ABC).


Blue Belt Test


Blue Belt
Blue Belt
Technique Descriptions


3rd Degree Brown Belt Requirements


  • Chinto
  • Niseishi
  • Tanbo Kihon


  1. The Phoenix. (ABC).
  2. Swirling Leaves. (ABC).
  3. Crossing Guard. (ABC).
  4. Bending Reeds. (AI-3,B).
  5. Sleeves of China. Set III. (A1-2,BC).
  6. Twisting Vine. (AB).
  7. Encircling Arms. Set III. (ABCD).
  8. Flashing Wings. (ABC).
  9. Attacking the Wall. (ABC).
  10. Side Hand Staff. (AB).
  11. Kung Fu Wrist. (ABCD).
  12. Opponents Front and Back. (AI-3,BCD).
  13. Striking Fang. (AB).
  14. The Mantis. (ABI-2,C).
  15. Arm Sweep. (A1-4,B1-2,C1-2).

3rd Brown Belt
3rd Brown
Technique Descriptions


1st Degree Brown Belt Requirements


  • Kusanku
  • Jo Kihon
  • Choun no Kun


  1. Blue Dragons Talon. (A1-2,B)
  2. Hand Staff. (A1-2,BC)
  3. Blue Dragons Bite. (AB)
  4. Knife and Hammer. (ABC)
  5. Attack of the Blue Dragon
  6. Trapping the Spear. (ABCD)
  7. Blue Dragons Silver Tongue. (AB)
  8. Prance of the Tiger. (A1-2,B)
  9. Blue Dragon Looks Down. (AB)
  10. Wing Break . (ABCD)
  11. Dance of the Blue Dragon. (AB)
  12. Flight of the Blue Dragon
  13. Blue Dragon Whips His Tail. (A1-2,B)
  14. Blue Dragons Fighting. (ABC)
  15. Dance of Death.

1st Brown Belt
1st Brown
Technique Descriptions

1st Degree Black Belt Requirements
  • Gojushiho
  • Lantian Zhanshi
  • Kama Kihon
  • Sugi no Kun


  1. Whirling Dervish. (AB)
  2. Riding the Staff
  3. The Scimitar. (A1-2,BCD1-2)
  4. The Python. (ABCD)
  5. Wrapping the Gift. (A1-2,BCD)
  6. Hidden Fist. (AB)
  7. Divided Sword. (AB)
  8. Three Winds Claw. (ABC)
  9. Ring of Fire. (ABCD)
  10. Attacking the Windmill. (AB)
  11. Chinese Fan. (AB)
  12. Kung Fu Cross. (A1-2,B)
  13. Breaking the Staff. (AB)
  14. Breaking the Wing. (ABC)
  15. Circling the Moon. (AB1-2,C)
  16. The Rocker. (AB)
  17. Offer of Dust
  18. Spinning Hammers. (A1-2,B1-2,C)
  19. Path of the Leopard
  20. Swinging Gate. (AB)

1st Black Belt
Technique Descriptions