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American Kenpo Karate Club
Club Information


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On this page I will describe my background and philosophy as well as keep the American Kenpo Karate Club members informed of Club schedules events and promotions.

My Mission

I beleve quality Kenpo instruction should not be restricted to the affluent or to residents of highly populated areas. It is this Club's goal to offer quality instruction to the rural areas within reasonable driving distance of this location which is located in rural Missouri, Carrollton to be exact. We are located about 70 miles east of Kansas City Missouri in a small town of about 4000 and within 30 miles of numerous smaller rural communities.

Our History

This Club has been in existence in one form or another in Carrollton, MO since 1994. I have been teaching Kenpo (off and on) since 1972.

My studies of Kenpo began in Kansas City with the Tom Conners Traco organization, migrated to RyuKyu Kenpo, back to Jay T. Will Kenpo, and now to Ed Parker's 24 Technique System Kenpo under the counsel of Kevin Lamkin.


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American Kenpo Karate Club
807 E. Washington
Carrollton, MO 64633